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Nadia Arnold Ltd art fair booth designs

Nadia Arnold Ltd art fair booth designs

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At Nadia Arnold Ltd. we create booth designs for every art fair we take part in. It starts with choosing the artworks and making sure we select not the same number of artworks but the same total value of artworks for each artist (to give them an equal opportunity for sales profits). We then choose the works that will be exhibited in the booth first, placing them on mock-up booth plans (using Adobe illustrator). The rest of the initial selection will go into the booth storage. Once an exhibited artwork has sold, it will be taken off the wall and replaced with another one from the storage, and again, this has been carefully planned, so when an artwork sells we know exactly which one to replace it with. They will be similar in size and usually by the same artist to make sure the booth looks balanced and pleasing to the eye as we initially intended it to be. it doesn't always run smoothly and sometimes we sell a piece and all its planned replacements, it's not a bad problem to have 😏 but it makes it more challenging to shift the design of the booth around to make sure it looks inviting to visitors until the last hour of the very last day of the exhibition.

This photograph was taken at the Lausanne Art Fair back in 2018. This particular wall is exclusively set up with artworks by Adam Riches. Adam Riches works predominantly with pen on paper and oil on canvas. His drawings as delicate yet striking.  His paintings are rich and intense. You can find all of his available artworks here and you may follow and discover his latest work here on Instagram.

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