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Nadia Arnold Ltd. The gallery and its founder

Nadia Arnold Ltd. The gallery and its founder

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Nadia Arnold Ltd. The gallery and its founder

This year I have decided to share a little more about the company, Nadia Arnold Ltd, and myself, the founder, Nadia. I will be posting throwbacks of the art fairs I participated in, visits to my artists' studios, pop-up shows I held in London and around the world, some behind the scenes including the making of the limited edition prints, the release of our artists' books (this year!), the logistics of packaging and shipping and much more. I will share a little about me and my personal day to day life as a gallerist, a Londoner, the wife of a luxury product designer and the mother of a sweet little toddler. 

I hope you enjoy these posts. Please feel free to offer some advice or ask questions in the comments I would be glad to take your suggestions on board or assist with queries you may have and share details of my professional journey with you.

This photograph was shot at one of the very first fairs I attended. It took place in Switzerland back in early 2018. Although the fair location was stunning the organisers were unfortunately dreadful. They are a french company who organise fairs in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. I won't share their name here publicly (the aim of this blog isn't to throw shade on others) but I would be happy to share it privately should you ask. So what was so bad about it? To name a few; I had paid for a booth with storage I had designed to keep artworks (the storage is made of 2 panels making a U shape, behind the big canvas in the centre). When I arrived, the storage space was occupied by a big electric generator and because of safety, it meant that I couldn't store artworks around it. They did not offer me a discount. Shortly after the opening, I found out that they had forgotten to include me in the fair catalogue. Again, this is something I had to pay for. They apologised but didn't offer me a refund. This might be based on personal taste but I really wasn't impressed with the selection of galleries exhibiting at the fair. They go on about their exclusive panel of judges (who they don't name of course) but frankly, it felt like anyone who had the money to throw into a booth space could get in, resulting in a pretty strange looking fair that felt somewhat like a flee market. 😅Anyway, I still enjoyed the experience and have learnt a lot from it. it's all about learning and making sure you don't make the same mistakes again, isn't it? 

NA Ltd. Blog, Behind the scenes, post #2. Nadia Arnold Ltd. The gallery and its founder

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