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Art advisory
When it comes to art, your requirements, budget and taste are unique. Therefore, it is unsurprising that when faced with a world of art, it can be very difficult to identify the precise visual solution to fit your needs.
Whether you are looking to create an elegant first impression for new clients, an inspiring working environment for staff, a tranquil space for hotel guests, a striking visual experience for diners - or simply to complete your home -  we have the expertise to advise you.
Informed by our experience working with diverse spaces across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA, and internationally established and emerging contemporary artists, we provide a tailor-made art advisory service.  
Following an initial consultation, we will take you through every step: beginning with comprehensive research, through sourcing and purchase, and finally managing transport and installation. Every decision is made in consultation with you, as it is our priority to ensure that you gain the aesthetic experience desired, and make strong market decisions along the way.