The London Framing Studio

We work exclusively with The London Framing Studio Ltd., based in south-west London.

The London Framing Studio provides a bespoke framing service for corporate and private clients.

They have thousands of frames and mounts for you to choose from, so if you have a different frame in mind from our standard framing, please feel free to get in touch with The London Framing Studio; they will be delighted to offer advice.

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What is Artglass?

Artglass AR 70™ reveals true colors and texture of the art – no green tint or optical distortions.

Thanks to its anti-reflective coating, which reduces unwanted reflections to less than 1%, nothing will prevents one from viewing the actual content of the framed item.

Moreover Artglass AR 70™ has a smooth surface that allows for details to emerge unaltered.


Artglass offers the following features and benefits:

- No reflection

- Improved transmission

- Easy to clean and abrasion resistant

- Neutral colours in reflection and no colour shift under an angle

- Easy to process to your specifications

- High durability and long lifetime of the coating

- Passes Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916

Nadia Arnold Ltd. strongly recommends using Artglass for larger works of art.